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SongWIP-MonkeV General Rock Song
Lonely Guitars (short) General Rock Song
Bassy guitar tune General Rock Song
Ripping Hair Out (jam) Heavy Metal Song
Two works in progress General Rock Song
Under Stormclouds Miscellaneous Song
untitled work in progress General Rock Song
And Now We Rebuild Miscellaneous Song

2010 Submissions

It Was Just a Bad Dream Classical Song
Generic Bullshit - Take 1 Techno Song
(Not) Lost in the Wilderness Video Game Loop
A Stroll Through the Wasteland General Rock Song
Sarcasticism General Rock Song
For Righteous Vengeance General Rock Song
The Heartbeat Miscellaneous Song
Am I Sane? Miscellaneous Loop
Busy Day Miscellaneous Loop
Flash Flooding Miscellaneous Song
Apathy (Of a Machine) Ambient Song
The Regret (Puzzle Collab) Miscellaneous Loop
Storm Control Heavy Metal Song
Prog Metal Sample - MonkeyV Heavy Metal Song
Apathy Miscellaneous Song
Above the Desert (Solo Only) General Rock Song
Growl of the Lunatic Miscellaneous Song
Bag o' Chips Miscellaneous Song
Neural Synchronization Ambient Song
Chip Mechanic Miscellaneous Song
Gaining Awareness - RD2010 Miscellaneous Song
Drowning in Delerium General Rock Song
Waking Up on a Rollercoaster Miscellaneous Song
Hidden In the Depths Miscellaneous Song
To the Afterlife Miscellaneous Song
Mmm Coffee in the Morning General Rock Song
Missing Pieces... General Rock Song
...Start the Factory Techno Loop
A Tune for Wearing Sunglasses General Rock Song
HellScreech Miscellaneous Loop

2009 Submissions

Empty Planet Techno Song
Walk Through the Rain General Rock Song
Pseudobass General Rock Song
Concussion (In Musical Form) Miscellaneous Loop
The Deterioration General Rock Loop
Sliding to Insanity Heavy Metal Song
Metal for SuperBiasedMan Heavy Metal Song
The Taste of Cosmic Fury General Rock Song
ECHOES Echoes echoes echoes... Miscellaneous Song
Submerged (Larva Stage) General Rock Song
- Hailing Glass - Heavy Metal Song
Drifting Along... Classic Rock Song
Take it Slow - 200% General Rock Song
Fistfight 2008 Heavy Metal Song
It Stalks Its Victim General Rock Song
Gray Guitar V.2 General Rock Song
)>Gorrilla<( Miscellaneous Song

2007 Submissions

A Swift But Intense Victory General Rock Song
Gray<>Guitar General Rock Song
Silent But Loud Ambient Loop
<progression) Miscellaneous Loop
The<><>Randomizer Techno Loop
Robots<->On<->Fire Techno Loop
Flaming><Guitar General Rock Loop